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What Can You Expect From Your Injury Compensation Claim?

Not yet sure about filling your compensation claim? If you or your loved ones suffered losses due to accidents, it is essential to file a claim case immediately. But of course, not without the help of an eligible and experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney.

You need an attorney for multiple reasons. But most essentially, you need one to help you manage the entire legal proceedings and get the maximum claim out of this situation. However, what can you expect from your injury compensation claim? Let us find out:

Time Limit

The first thing to know about your compensation claim is its time limit. That means be aware of the time limit you need to file the lawsuit after the incident. Take time to heal, but do not exceed the duration to file your claim.

To avoid such hassles, finding the best attorney can be helpful. He can take care of all these proceedings and other expenses while you get immediate medical attention.

Pre-Action Protocol

Your attorney can use the Pre-Action Protocol for personal injuries through the portal based on your claim amount. It is a process that can help you get your claim even without going to court.

In case of the high-value personal injury compensation claims, or for the traffic accident injury cases, you might be considered to be at fault. But partly. In that case, your solicitor needs to let you know about your options properly.

Claim Notification

A claim notification form will be an essential part of your compensation claim journey. Your solicitor will be asking you all sorts of questions about the accident and other related things. You need to be completely honest with your attorney to let him help you file the claim properly within time. Also, the claim notification form will be your formal notice to the other party involved.

Claim Letter

Following the notification of the claim, the attorney will be sending a detailed “letter of claim” to your defendant. It will contain crucial information about financial expenses, losses, and other data that will correctly inform the defendant. Since it will be bearing vital information, be honest with your lawyer with every detail.

Defendant’s Initial Response

Remember that your letter of claim response is pretty crucial for your case. If you need to know about every proceeding, ensure that you acknowledge the response of your defendant. They can admit liability and accept all charges about your losses and damages. However, in case they do not admit it, they have to give a detailed version of the entire incident.


Every claim will come with an active investigation that will highlight the critical points of the incident. Depending on that, you will be rewarded the compensation. Therefore, ensure that you have an experienced lawyer to handle your case to help you get the maximum benefits.


Apart from these, you need to know about expert medical reports and how every small document can prove your case. From police reports to witness statements, you need to file everything swiftly to get your claim.

However, these all proceedings can be stressful and pretty challenging for someone who is healing now. So, it is always advisable to hire a professional and experienced personal injury lawyer who can provide you with the best legal guidance.

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