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September 21, 2023
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Understand Why Your Company Needs To Hire A Lawyer

It’s not uncommon to see people get goosebumps at having to hire a lawyer for monthly legal services. Right from the start, the recurring concerns consider the financial expense, the long period needed to solve the problems, and, of course, having to deal, in the end, with the frustration of not having achieved the expected result. The feeling of the entrepreneur is that, at any moment, he will have to deal with a conviction in the Labor Court. In addition, headaches caused by entrepreneurship nightmares include:

  • Tax fines
  • Undue charges by service providers, such as the telephone or electric company, for example
  • Losses due to contract termination
  • High default rates
  • Exorbitant interest charges by financial institutions

Have you ever had any of the problems mentioned above? Either you are not a businessman, or you are a fortunate guy. But quoting the British politician and statesman Winston Churchill, I’ll tell you: “luck doesn’t exist. “The reality is that most Brazilian entrepreneurs have to face these issues daily. And often involves hiring a lawyer or a firm of legal professionals.

Don’t Forget That Time Is Money

In the case of law, the reason is quite simple. Financial investments support good service, technical qualifications, tools, and staff. It is impossible to demand first-rate performance by investing capital in lower lines. It is also important to remember that the lawyer does not charge to answer your questions. He charges for years of resources and studies invested in being able to offer you an adequate answer.

Resolution Time X Costs

In the range of legal services, some actions generate a higher cost to the office, mainly due to the long-time of resolution of the demand. It can take four and a half years to decide on the 1st degree. It can still take longer if the parties appeal the decision to higher courts. And working for more than four years on a lawsuit creates high expenses for a law firm. The action will need to be monitored routinely, with professionals acting actively to ensure the client’s interests.

In this type of scenario, the greatest damage linked to contentious legal activities is related to the outcome of the proceedings. After all, the court decision depends on variables that precede the action. In other words: the legal battle can be won before it even starts.

When a law firm is hired to act strategically with a company, this organization has three major competitive advantages:

  • The company will be shielded about legal aspects
  • The amount paid by the contractor will be much lower
  • The odds of winning in potential legal disputes are much higher

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