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September 21, 2023
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Types of New Jersey Dog Bite Injuries

One of the reasons dog bites are so dangerous is that they can occur at varying injury levels. From disfigurement to infection or minor abrasions, it’s crucial to take any physical harm you suffered seriously regardless of severity.

Below are some of the most common dog attack injuries that can occur:

Abrasions and Lacerations

Abrasions are injuries that don’t go deep into your skin, like a scrape or graze by a dog’s claws when jumping on you or sustained if the victim gets knocked to the ground during the attack.

On the other hand, it is known as a laceration when you suffer a deep cut. These wounds may happen because teeth tear into your skin and can go into your muscle, nerves, blood vessels, and bones.


Unlike lacerations, puncture wounds often happen when teeth pierce your skin. This is because dog teeth can latch on and go deep into your tissue, potentially transmitting harmful bacteria that lead to serious infection.


The American Academy of Pediatrics found in a 2015 study that 10 to 15% of dog bites can result in infection. These diseases occur when bacteria are in the dog’s saliva and mouth or the germs already on your skin when bitten.

Some possible infections in New Jersey dog bite injuries include rabies and tetanus. Both have potentially life-threatening side effects, so always seek medical care right away after being bit.


When a dog tears or rips away skin and/or tissue from the body, this is avulsion. These injuries are catastrophic and will require extensive care and reconstructive surgery.

Crushing Injuries

Canines have powerful jaws, especially in larger breeds that can crush objects with immense force. This can be devastating to bones and surrounding muscle and soft tissue.


As mentioned earlier, even abrasions can leave you with a permanent reminder of the trauma you suffered. In addition, scarring can cause emotional distress and have long-term pain and suffering associated with it.

Nerve Damage

When bites go deep into the body, you may suffer nerve damage. Worse, depending on the nature and extent of harm caused, some NJ dog bite injuries can lead to temporary and/or permanent disability, including paralysis.


In 2020 alone, 46 dog bite fatalities occurred in the US. Unfortunately, this tragic reality is only increasing year by year.

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