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It seems like a lie but, being honest with ourselves, sometimes costs a lot. The problem is that if we are not clear with us, we will not be able to be clear with who defends us and, consequently, the lawyer may find great surprises in the trial, such as , to hear a very credible truth from the opposing party and from witnesses and other evidence that it brings. Sometimes the lawyers stay “with the ass in the air” (sorry for the expression) since we are not told the whole truth, truth that almost always will bring the opposite party to trial if it benefits them.

Who is going to judge you?

Make no mistake. A good expungement lawyer mission kansas will never judge you because, for this, the judge is already there. The lawyer’s job is to help you without judging you. For this he has to defend you by being objective and seeing the pros and cons of everything you tell him. Trust in the lawyer is as important as trust in your word.

Explain all the details (better by excess than by default)

If you explain everything to the lawyer in an orderly way, he will be able to know what happened in a way similar to how only you know it. If you only give some data, the lawyer will not know more than those facts of the matter and, consequently, the opposite party could take advantage of you … Remember that the small details make our story much more credible in front of a judge (much more than a simple ” yes ”or“ no ”). The fact that you tell him little details will also generate a relationship of trust with the lawyer.

Returning to the initial question (What do we do? How do you act in front of the lawyer? Do you tell him everything or do you keep quiet about the things you feel most embarrassed about? Will something happen if you don’t tell him some unimportant information? ), The best advice What you can give you is that, first of all, be honest with your lawyer because this is what will really benefit you.

Therefore, the lawyer, especially the young man, who does not know how to control the emotional response to the above situations is literally lost in this world, having two options, change to grow or abandon.

Sad, but real like life itself

  • Faced with this situation and as a possible reflection that could help us to overcome our frustrations, there is a principle of the Stoic school that was stated by the philosopher Epictetus, as reflected in “The Arianan Dissertations “, a work in which his disciple Arianus collected the thoughts of his teacher.
  • As you read, you ask you to integrate your activity as a lawyer into the foundations of this philosophical principle, as it will undoubtedly be very familiar to you.


The principle starts from the basis that every human being, when interacting with his fellow men, must be fully aware that there are certain things that depend exclusively on us and others that do not depend on us. Our opinions, judgments, feelings, attitudes and ultimately, our decisions depend on us in their entirety and therefore are free and are not subject to restrictions so we are free to choose and decide how to act in any situation. By being free to choose, we take full responsibility for our decision.

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