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Elderly Abuse: 5 Recommendations To Prevent Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can go unnoticed as they tend to isolate themselves; therefore, they are little listened to and considered, but have in mind that there are firms like barr & young attorneys that can guide you in case of such event.

Elder abuse can go unnoticed as they tend to isolate themselves; therefore, they are little listened to and considered

According to the World Health Organization, WHO, elder abuse is a single or repeated act that causes harm or suffering to another older adult with whom they have a direct relationship. It is a significant public and social health problem that continues to be underestimated and neglected worldwide.

80% of the cases of abuse to the elderly are given by those closest to them. Due to their condition of dependency, the elderly is often abused physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and economically. Neglect, whether intentional or not, is also a form of abuse.

There are several warning signs with which you can identify if an older adult is being abused, such as diaper rash or scalds due to omission of diaper changes due to a “punishment,” bruises on the skin with no known cause, injuries to the mouth from forcing him to eat, refusal of the person who cares for him to receive visits, sudden crying for no reason, especially when he is close to a possible aggressor and fear of being left alone accompanied by attempts to escape. Although these may be symptoms of other situations that may not include abuse, one must be observant and act promptly and prudently.

Here are 5 recommendations to prevent elder abuse at home or visit barr & young attorneys for instance to guide you:

Take turns with other family members to care for the older adult

It encourages the contact of the elderly with several people and frequent outings

Provide the elderly with a notebook where they can write their experiences and express their concerns

Provide phone access and the numbers of a trusted person in case of an emergency

Remind caregivers of their rights and obligations

Family members and caregivers must follow these guidelines to prevent mistreatment or abuse, which affects 1 in 10 older adults; At the same time, there is talk of 30% to 40% of abuse in this age group at the regional level.

Prevention Against Abuse

The elderly is a citizen who has rights, which should never be lost, even if they have some condition of prostration, illness, or cognitive impairment, among others.

The academic proposes some strategies that can help eradicate abuse of the elderly:

Carry out awareness campaigns aimed at the whole of society. The media collect their testimonies

regarding what it means to be an older adult in Chile.

Promote intergenerational programs in educational establishments at the school level. That a coexistence between the generations is generated and there is not a gulf between childhood, adolescence, youth, and the stage of older adulthood

Early detection of possible victims and aggressors through the health system and municipalities with clubs for the elderly.

Interventions of support and training for caregivers, whether formal or informal, are stressful and exposed to extreme fatigue.

Establish a system of mandatory notifications of elder abuse so that all citizens can report these facts to the authorities.

Promote homes and emergency shelters for the elderly and provide psychological assistance for abuse victims and those who have engaged in these violent behaviors.

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