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Divorces Simplified: Understanding Adultery Law In Minnesota

As you may know, divorce laws vary by state. Some states consider adultery as a valid reason, others have more complicated norms. So, is adultery grounds for divorce in Minnesota? Simply put, this doesn’t apply here, as this is a no-fault state. What does that mean? This simply means that one or both parties can file and ask for a divorce, if they desire it. In this post, we are explaining further on no-fault divorce in Minnesota.

What does no-fault divorce in Minnesota mean?

To understand this, knowing the relevance of being a ‘no-fault’ state must be understood. In easy words, it is about asking for a divorce, for which assigning fault is not required. For instance, if one of the spouses ask for divorce stating that the marriage is not working for them, it is a satisfactory reason. The court will grant the divorce, on the simple ground that this is an irretrievably broken marriage, without going into the details. In other words, even if your partner has committed adultery and that’s your reason to ask for a divorce, you don’t have to establish or prove that in court.

“What if my partner has committed infidelity?”

Well, this really doesn’t matter, although you can cite this as the reason for asking for divorce. The definition of infidelity and adultery can be problematic at times, and often unfaithfulness is hard to establish, more so in case of men. Citing unfaithfulness or infidelity doesn’t really count or matter, because it doesn’t address the concerns with regards to same-sex marriage, which is legal in the state.

Will adultery affect the alimony?

Division of assets is a must in case the divorce is agreed upon, but don’t be fooled to believe that citing adultery will work in your favor. This doesn’t impact alimony payments, or division of assets, because the law doesn’t want to punish someone. Instead, the focus in Minnesota is to ensure fair division of wealth, and both parties have chance to get back to their normal life.

Final word

Contact a reliable and experienced law firm to know more about divorces in Minnesota. This doesn’t have to be complicated, but having a lawyer on your side always helps in ensuring that your personal rights are protected, and you get a fair deal, especially when it comes to wealth and alimony, as applicable. You can check online for known law firms in Minnesota.

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