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Atlanta’s Infrastructure Boom: How Construction Zones can lead to Personal Injuries and how to seek Justice?

Infrastructure is an intrinsic aspect showcasing the healthy economy and growth of a city or country, and the infrastructure boom in Atlanta has led to development and improvement across all sectors and strata of society.

The rapidly increasing number of construction sites is a cause for concern for the possibilities of accidents and personal injuries, despite the necessary safety protocols in place due to the hazardous nature of the job. Heavy machinery, tools, construction debris and materials, and uneven surfaces are omnipresent at construction sites, which can lead to accidents for workers, visitors, drivers, and pedestrians. Seeking justice in the event of an accident can be a daunting prospect, which a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta can handle professionally.

Following are some common causes of how construction zones can lead to personal injuries and how you can seek justice legally:

Common Causes of Accidents in Construction Zones:

  • Accidents due to falling objects: A construction site is wrought with loose material, debris, etc., which can fall from a height and cause accidents and hurt passing pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Accidents due to traffic: Traffic is often diverted around a construction zone, causing tight spaces and narrow passages, leading to collisions between vehicles and a vehicle accidently scraping or hitting a pedestrian. The narrow spaces, uneven surfaces laden with gravel and debris, and tight corners are potential causes for pedestrians slipping, tripping, and falling. There are also chances of a vehicle colliding with or scraping a passerby.
  • Accidents due to the equipment: Construction equipment consists of both heavy machinery and tools, which can be a potential cause for accidents involving workers and pedestrians, especially if safety measures aren’t in place or are taken lightly and ignored.
  • Accidents due to negligence: Bypassing and ignoring the necessary safety protocols like improper or inadequate signage, barricades, and lighting are major contributors to severe injuries and accidents around and in a construction zone.

Seeking Justice for Construction Zone Accidents:

Accidents can occur anywhere and need to be addressed justly, and hiring a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta to seek justice for construction zone accidents will ensure a speedy process. The following steps tell you how a lawyer will help you seek justice in the event of an accident:

  • Medical treatment: Personal safety and health are paramount, so first and foremost, you must seek medical attention in case of an accident or injury, even if they are minor. It is advisable to get a medical check-up, as some injuries can have delayed symptoms.
  • Collecting evidence: It is essential to document the accident site by taking pictures or videos, including the surrounding area, any hazardous material, improper safety measures, injuries, and damage to your vehicle. Collect the contact details of the witnesses, any other injured party, the construction company’s name, and any construction workers present at the time of the accident. A personal injury lawyer in Atlanta will make this easier for you through guidance and collecting the evidence in case you are not in the state to do the needful. Be diligent in preserving the critical evidence, like your medical bills, prescriptions, report of the accident, and record of the communication regarding the accident. The evidence will support your claim and strengthen your case.
  • Reporting the accident: Reporting the accident to the relevant authorities, like the police and the construction company or site management, is crucial. A lawyer will pursue the case on your behalf and fulfill the necessary legal procedures.
  • Legal advice: Consulting an excellent personal injury lawyer in Atlanta is important, primarily when someone else’s negligence caused the accident. The lawyer will assess the case and guide you accordingly.
  • Filing a claim: File a personal injury claim against the responsible party or person, like the construction company, site management, or the owner of the property. Your lawyer will help you do the needful and follow the process by negotiating with the parties for a settlement, and in the absence of a settlement, the lawyer will file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your medical expenses, pain and trauma, lost wages, etc.

Consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer in Atlanta is vital for seeking justice, as they will guide you per the laws and procedures applicable in the jurisdiction where the accident occurred and make the legal process easy enough.

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