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A New York Injury Lawyer Can Help

Once someone sustains a serious injury, their life becomes drastically altered. Once dedicated to work, family, and hobbies before an incident occurred is now being dedicated towards managing symptoms and recovering from them.

An injury attorney in New York can assist them in seeking justice for their damages, such as medical expenses and expected future care costs.

Pedestrian Accidents

New York is an urban sprawl, bustling with cars, trucks, bikes and pedestrians all moving at breakneck speed. Unfortunately, pedestrians often fall at the bottom of this chain and may sustain severe or fatal injuries when colliding with vehicles.

Pedestrianism can result in broken bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), internal organ damage and disfiguring scarring if hit by vehicles. Individuals suffering more serious injuries may require extensive medical treatment and hospitalization – not to mention lost wages and diminished quality of life.

An injured pedestrian’s lawyer can assist them in recovering compensatory damages from the driver’s auto insurance company. Non-economic losses like pain and suffering and mental anguish are more difficult to assess; however, with proper representation in New York injury law can provide monetary values for these losses through previous cases, verdicts, settlements or verdicts.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are among the most dangerous and costly forms of personal injury accidents, often leaving victims with substantial medical bills and property damages as well as substantial property loss. Even minor collisions can leave victims facing substantial medical costs and property damages.

An experienced New York injury attorney can assist with recovering compensation for non-economic losses such as mental anguish, physical discomfort and loss of enjoyment of life. While quantifying such claims may be challenging, an attorney will carefully compare similar awards in similar cases to assess its value in your particular case.

Your expenses related to injuries and property damage can also be claimed, such as medical costs, lost income from missed work and repair invoices or receipts that provide evidence of expenses incurred as the result of an accident. Your New York car accident lawyer will use documentation such as invoices and receipts as proof for these expenses.

Slip and Fall Accidents

New York injury lawyer Ross Cellino can provide invaluable assistance for victims of slip and fall accidents to pursue financial compensation for their injuries. Property owners in New York, Long Island and other regions have an obligation to keep their spaces free from hazards that might harm visitors; when aware of potential dangers but fail to address them or post adequate warning signs, they could be held liable for any injuries that result.

Victims may suffer broken bones, head injury, spinal cord damage, paralysis and even wrongful death. Our attorneys consult with medical experts to assess the extent of an individual’s injuries as well as predict any resulting future costs associated with their care.

At our firm, we can gather witness testimony and compile demand packages outlining all expenses, lost wages, etc. that were sustained due to an incident, in order to maximize compensation awarded to victims.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice puts patients at risk in many different ways, from mounting medical bills and surgeries, to wage loss and inability to work, pain and suffering, emotional distress and more.

An attorney from New York injury law can provide invaluable assistance by helping navigate complex medical law. They may also build a case showing the healthcare provider breached appropriate standards of care – which is crucial when fighting for fair compensation.

Under New York law, patients have two years and six months from when they discover medical negligence to file their lawsuit. This applies in cases in which surgeons leave sponges inside patients or make another error which leads to severe complications.

Wrongful Death

wrongful death can be an irreparable tragedy that leaves families facing bills to pay and other financial difficulties. While money will never replace your family member, a successful wrongful death lawsuit can help recover some compensation for you and your surviving family members.

Your attorney will work hard to ensure your family receives a fair settlement for all damages suffered, such as non-economic awards such as pain and suffering awards.

Say, for example, your loved one was hit by a truck on 6th Avenue and instantly killed, which can prompt jurors to award her family for any moments of terror she must have felt before impact. Furthermore, punitive damages may be awarded as part of any wrongful death suit against an offending party. In these instances, consulting a New York injury lawyer is your key to recovering your legal rights to recover compensation.

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